Page three: "Am wasteful of writing space."

BA and I got along much better this week, as evidenced by the fact that I don't feel any adolescent-level angst about proving them wrong today. First up is BA#8, tomato-basil sauce with polenta. This was really easy to put together and made the house smell great right up until the point that I burned the polenta and was afraid to turn on the oven vent because it is again housing what sound like at least five or six birds. (I thought the bird noises were making me insane until I noticed that they were making the cat actually insane and now it's kind of funny.) Anyway, this was a pretty nice, light dinner, but I still don't feel like I understand polenta.

I guess it's for when you want grits but don't have a bowl.
BA#9: Halibut with spring onion and summer squash sauté. Not the best timing for something that requires heating the oil in the skillet "until it's almost smoking," what with the aviary we're running above the stove. But this was again very quick to put together and had a good flavor. Note a theme: I tend to like the easiest, least complicated recipes. See? I'm learning things about myself through this process!

Self-Discovery Journal, page one: "Am lazy."
BA#10: it's...okay, look, the name is a lot to get past. I mean, I get it, and I know that I should be supporting fellow punsters, but, sigh. BombeBasticks. They're basically just Drumsticks that cost more and create a huge mess and take a long time to make, if you're into that kind of thing. Which I obviously am. (Must make note in page two of Self-Discovery Journal.)

Remember when I anguished over a homemade pie crust and Dan said he couldn't tell it wasn't store-bought? I guess that's a compliment he has decided to stick with.
Anyway, I don't recommend that you click on the link to the recipe, as it inexplicably contains nutritional information, but if you do you will see this adorable child enjoying her mind-bogglingly high-caloried treat.

Anna, pose with your ice cream!

A near-perfect replica.
Ivy is shocked by our poor dietary choices.


Nah, just playin'.