For those of you keeping score, it is still not actually summer yet

First, let's clear the air: if you notice at the end of my thirty-day workout extravaganza that I am not, in fact, totally shredded, it will be because I skipped Day 15. And also...what's today? Also Day 19. I have some pretty medium hopes for the 20s, though!

I decided to revisit BA#15, watermelon and grapefruit agua fresca, and discovered that it is vastly improved with a generous supplement of vodka, not that I'm suggesting that is a metaphor for this whole stupid delightful season or anything. It's just that I'm supposed to be EMBRACING SUMMER, and everyone knows I get huggy-er when I drink.

Summer still life in yellow, pink, and booze.
I was starting to stall out on my Bon Appetit project a little, having been hit pretty hard by the realization that I was only 25% through the recipes at the end of last week. Luckily, I have Anna to shine her own enthusiastic light on things and help me through my times of doubt. "This is not at all a stupid idea, Mother!" she is clearly thinking. "I'm so impressed and inspired by you!"

"I'm not sure why MORE PEOPLE don't tackle entire magazines sight-unseen!"
So, very well. Forward ho! BA#16 and #17: Pico de gallo and Yucatan-style habanero salsa. Whoa, hey, wait a minute! Didn't I say I wasn't going to make the insane fire-sauce? I did. And I meant it. But then a friend talked me into giving it a shot by pointing out that I could fifth the recipe and only make a little dollop, which is exactly what I did. I am also being leaned on to abandon my other caveat (no live lobsters) by people who have obviously never witnessed what I go through just to deal with a dead chicken, let alone a LIVE SEA MONSTER. But the pressure is there. To the extent that in my head I have already purchased two of them, had a change of heart, adopted them as pets, named them, and solicited recommendations for appropriate pet-carriers on Twitter. All of this is true.

Oh, the salsa? Yeah, too hot.
BA#18: Cumin and ancho chicken tacos. Very simple, very easy, really delicious. I have yet to be disappointed by a taco recipe.

Possibly in my entire life.
BA#19: Tony's steak. This was good, but more importantly, it gave me a chance to achieve one of my major Goals of Summer Embracement: learning to use the grill.

By which I mean, my father grilled his own Father's Day dinner while I watched and drank watermelon cocktails.
In other news, Anna's still working out some kinks in her supervillan persona.

I think by next summer we should all pretty vigilant, though.
Hey, everyone who suddenly grew two teeth last week look over here!
Good thing too, teeth will make it much easier to scrape those puffs off her skin.