Project Dread and Fear Summer Less is a go

Did you all use your holiday weekend productively? By which I mean, making Whoopie Pies?

There was actually a lot of other food this weekend, including grilled sausages and hot dogs, beans, queso, (all Loontjer-provided, thanks guys!) as well as crash hot potatoes and grilled corn on the cob. But I didn't really manage to take a picture of it and here is the reason: I was very, very busy embracing summer. Or, more accurately, making elaborate plans to embrace summer. Or at least not let its approach cause me to curl into the fetal position, nestled against the freezer.

I realize that there are many areas of the country and world that actually delight in this season and consider it "fun" as opposed to "four months of staring into the mouth of hell itself." And because I live on the internet, I have seen a lot of to-do lists of seasonal activities with names such as Project Summer and Summer of Awesome and for some reason I am actually feeling inspired this year. I think maybe it's because I'm not pregnant this time around and can drink caffeine! A lot of caffeine! Or because last year broke me so completely that fighting is really not an option, only acceptance.

I actually think this whole thing started when I noticed that the cover of the June issue of Bon Appetit boasted "60 SUMMER RECIPES" and my brain said "YES OKAY LET'S MAKE THEM ALL." This was based solely on the cover and my love of themes and my laziness about meal-planning and when I actually took the time to look through the magazine it started to seem like less of a good idea. HOWEVER, despite not having announced this project or made any preparation regarding it, it was already too late to retreat because my brain had made the decision that cooking everything in this magazine was somehow the key to embracing summer. (My brain is really fun and not at all unreasonable.) So we are moving ahead with a couple of caveats, those being: 1) I am almost certain I will not bring home a live lobster, and 2) I am not making a salsa comprised of twenty-five habenero chiles because that is just UNSAFE. I mean, honestly, Bon Appetit. Mercy. I also want to note that the words Shrimp and Cucumber Salad with Horseradish Mayo make me want to stop liking cucumbers just by association but I will make it anyway if that is what summer wants me to do.

Also, um, does anyone in the Austin area want to come to my house for an all-day Danish Smørrebrød spread? There might be Aquavit. And I won't make you eat the pickled herring. I'm seriously asking.

Other summerphilic plans: read books, visit splash pads, maintain my short haircut for the first time ever, actually do 30 Day Shred for thirty days in a row. (I know that this is where my realistic defeatist backpedal on that one belongs but I'm not even going to do it because it's not in the spirit of embrace...ment.)

Okay, anyway, who's with me? Yay! Summer! Yaaaaaaaay!

Okay, what if we add a SUMMER HAT?

There we go.