It should come as no surprise that I can hard-boil the hell out of an egg

The last time I made this seared scallop dish I was in my first trimester with Ivy and everything sounded disgusting, and then it turned out they were really good! So I thought, how much better would they be when every morsel of food in the world sounds good to me and the answer is: exactly the same amount of good. Maybe not even as. "The best sauce in the world is hunger."--Cervantes. "Really dreading something that turns out okay also works."--Erica

Sorry for being so excited about you, scallops. That's on me.
This next dish might be the most pretentious-sounding thing I've ever made even though it doesn't include any arugula: Chickpeas and Swiss Chard in Parmesan and Sun-Dried-Tomato Broth. Also...I used Swiss chard from our garden. It's all pretty despicable. The effect is further heightened by the fact that the recipe is from Food and Wine, but what you can't tell until you actually look at it is that it involves about four ingredients, including JARRED PESTO. Busted, Food and Wine! So busted.

Thanks for the soup recipe though, it was nice.
I know that Cobb salad is the poster child for Not All Salads Are Healthy, which is probably why I quietly murmured "Mmmmm" the entire time I was eating it.

Needs more bacon.
I was trying to do a more-competent-than-usual job of cleaning the house the other day in preparation for a play date, so Anna solemnly stepped forward as keeper-of-universe-balance and ground every stuffed animal in the house into the garden-bed mulch. Okay, it was actually because she was infected with the cleaning spirit and wanted to bathe them, and if there's one thing she's learned living in this house it's that there's no point in bathing unless you are really thoroughly filthy.

Also, she was wearing pants at the beginning of the day.
She organized her headwear as well.

Also, she was wearing pants and a shirt at the beginning of the day.
Oh, Ivy. I forgot you were over there, sweetie. How's food-eating going?

Good girl, I'll check back at dinner.