Happy Mother's Day! Here's your muumuu.

So I'm just wondering if any of you guys ate as well as I did this weekend OH WAIT TRICK QUESTION: not possible. My parents sent Dan and me to the Lonesome Dove Western Bistro in Fort Worth (sans monkeys!) because they are just lovely people. On the other hand, I took pictures of every course and also mentioned that I was doing so on Twitter because I am a terrible person. I DID IT FOR YOU. And also myself. Mostly myself. Please excuse me while I relive this particular meal for my own gluttonous reasons.

First course: blue corn lobster hushpuppies, seared diver scallop, house smoked salmon with roasted beet. The scallops were so good that I want to go back in time and punch the non-seafood-eating Erica in the nose. On principle.

Also, I went to a fancy restaurant and paid my hard-earned parents' money for beets.
Second course: I had the squash soup. It was insanely good. Kind of spicy. And...also it was soup, which is enough for me. There was a weird gelatinous strip in the center of it that frightened me because I know how top chefs are with their offal and their bone marrow and such. Fortunately, I had ordered a pre-dinner cocktail that contained an injudicious amount of tequila, so I took a chance.

It was cheese.
Dan had...an...egg forest?

I mean, I clearly see the appeal.
Main course that I was too full to enjoy: roasted garlic stuffed beef tenderloin. It was wonderful. But when I looked at it my vision got blurry and it turned into a giant fluffy bed with lots of pillows.

Sleeeeeeeepy meat.
Dan ordered elk. With some kind of fungal growth.

Now I'm curious about what was in his pre-dinner cocktail.
At this point you might be thinking that you also had excellent food this weekend and who am I to brag about such restaurant excursions but we aren't even close to done so please just hold on to your hats.

My father made an excellent Mother's Day dinner all by his lonesome self, since all mothers are contractually obligated to stay outside of the electrically-enforced perimeter of the kitchen lest they be shocked and immediately transferred to a day spa. (At least, this is my understanding.) To Dan's credit, he was stuck dealing with both children because I was sitting very still and quiet on the sofa with my computer, trying to make it look like my hands were busy.

Grilled pork tenderloin with peach sauce, broccoli salad, some sort of devilishly scalloped potatoes.

I don't know what terrible thing the potatoes did to deserve this fate, but I applaud it.
Homemade peasant bread!

Right next to the roses in crystal. Peasant-style.

"Mom. Hey. Move it along."

Okay, okay. The children were there as well. Anna had a pretty good time playing "dinosaur extinction."

She's the extinction.
I actually really like that she gave them a chance to team up against their destiny.

They're ready to rumble.
Anyway, by last night it was apparent that my weekend had been lacking in one thing, and that was fiber decadence. Bacon, egg, and leek risotto, anyone?

I have never yet regretted 1) making risotto 2) putting an egg on something.
You know, you'd probably be cuter if you could just grow out those eyelashes a little bit.