And then I ate nothing but plain oatmeal and cups of broth for the rest of my life

After spending Thursday in what can really only be described as a ridiculous manner, I felt like we should take it easy on Friday night and just stuff ourselves with pizza and artichoke dip. To the Brick Oven!

Gooey things on toast are a fine way to say "Happy birthday for the 12th time this week, seriously."

When you see how I spent the rest of the weekend, you will look back at this as the ascetic period.
Having had that brief bit of down time, I was definitely ready for a Girls Weekend. I needed to relax, as you can obviously imagine. I was also starting to wonder whether actually being present to see your children grow up is kind of overrated.

Kay and I put on our stretchy clothes and our drinking faces (note: very similar to my "awake" face) and headed down the Fredericksburg Wine Trail for some girl-time fun. I will be sticking with pictures of the food, so you'll have to imagine the 3,624 glasses of wine we drank on your own.

First we sat on the porch of the lovely Becker Vineyards and ate an entire package of crackers, an entire package of prosciutto, and a lot more of that giant slab of Havarti than you are currently thinking is possible for two people to consume.

No. More than that.
At this point in the day there was already an empty wine glass in my purse.

That usually doesn't happen until at least 4:30 or 5:00.
We had dinner in town at The Auslander in Fredericksburg. Started off with Bavarian potato skins, obviously.

And before you get all, "I don't think that's a thing" on me, go check out the menu and the German spring rolls we resisted.
Then we made our only intelligent choice of the weekend and decided to split an entree.

It's....Texaschnitzel. It has guacamole on it. The intelligence had petered out right around "So what are we splitting?"
By the time we were at the Rathskeller for breakfast, I was just ordering things wontonly.

Absolutely no regard.

I even let some vegetables sneak in, that's how out of control things had become.

Kay, however, made the measured decision to get biscuits and gravy, which we all know has a place on every breakfast table. In my defense, I ate some of this as well.
Anyway, I was glad to get home and see my babies! Hey girls, Mommy's home!

So I guess we'll be spending this week getting reintroduced. Anyway, I wouldn't say my past week has been excessive or anything. I think I hit on the perfect amount of indulgence!

If you're Henry VIII.