It's a shame no one ever does anything nice for me

We had a pretty big week here, but I'm going to lead off with the most important story, which is: I stole from Tim Love figured out the best possible way to hide beets amongst normal food. And I'm counting the ice cream that tasted like chocolate and orange and only the tiniest bit of dirt. The answer is smoked salmon. Something about smoked salmon makes roasted beets seem weirdly palatable.

Meanwhile, adding beet greens to potatoes really elevates the beet greens but kind of ruins the potatoes.
And then I had breakfast tacos on a weekday because it was my biiiiiiiirthdaaaaaay! Congratulations to me for existing for a quantifiable period of time!

Morning tacos really take the sting out of being a very slightly higher age.
And then I had...some champagne!

One glass of champagne is for regular, non-awesome Thursdays.
But everyone knows it's weird to have champagne by yourself in the middle of the day if it isn't accompanied by goat cheese beignets with honey and lavender.

No worries.
So I did make my own birthday dinner, and here is why: I did not trust anyone else to make the exact perfect combination of Mexican food and egg-topping. It was the CORRECT DECISION. Homesick Texan's stacked enchiladas proved to be one of the more fantastic plates of food I have ever had and I say that with the authority of someone who had them again for breakfast this morning.

Egg, cheese, spice, tortillas. I owe the state of New Mexico a huge debt of gratitude.
And not only did Dan give me the entire day off to flit about town buying sandals and cookware and eating LAVENDER for lunch like the fancy lady that I am, he and the girls also made me a chocolate cake.

I think it was good? Can't quite remember, better go to the fridge and check YEP still super, super good.
Anna was her usual indifferent self about the cake. Oh, just kidding, you guys. She IS human, after all!

In less self-centered news (boring), Anna "graduated" from "school" this week. I was pretty impressed by what a good job the teachers did getting a group of two-year-olds to participate in the program.

I mean, within reason.