Writing more than two paragraphs gives me the sleepies

Saturday was both Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby, two perfect not-really-holidays ripe for en-themening. Here is what I would like to report to you right now: lunch was a beautiful marriage of Hot Browns and mint juleps, followed by a Kentucky butter cake with bourbon sauce. We wore large and comical hats. For dinner I recreated these insane enchiladas, only more authentically because as you know, I now have a tortilla press. (Hard to remember when that wasn't the case. Dark times.) There was also tequila. And sopapilla cheesecake. Different but still very large hats.

That is what I would LIKE to report to you right now but cannot because I didn't realize ahead of time that it was Derby day and also Saturday was book club night and all I managed to do was make chicken flautas.

And wistfully mention bourbon several times.
Magnificent book club hostess Lori, however, really stepped up in the large hat department.

When it comes to food, Anna has still been keeping her distance, for the most part.

As literally as possible.
Not Ivy, though! Hey, who's ready for some solid foods?

That's right big girl, get all INVOLVED with that squash.

Oh, um, a got a free CSA box. For filling out a survey. Which seemed like a good idea at the time? And then I had beets on my counter.

Sometimes I don't think things through.
Anyway, my first CSA box strategy was to turn all the basil into pesto and just...throw it on top of something. Oh, minestrone! Yes, that works. It's supposed to be "smoky minestrone" due to the presence of bacon, but that was mostly lost on me (have my tastebuds stopped working?).

If I'm going to keep writing about food, I probably need a keyboard shortcut for "Needs more bacon."
Hey Ivy, let's show Dr. Spencer what a happy, charming baby you are! You'll be such a relief for her after dealing with your sister for almost three years.

Oh, come on.
Is it possible to have TWO sneaky unpredicta-babies under one roof?