I'm getting tired of your sarcasm, hypothetical reader

Listen kids, I'm in kind of a hurry and also kind of a MOOD today! Did you enjoy that little peek behind the curtain? "Thank you for pointing out that you don't feel like writing a blog post when no one even asked you to write a blog post, Erica! You're great! And really pleasant to be around, I bet!" is what you're all thinking to yourselves right now.

Okay, I'm sorry, I'm just going through some difficult stuff, namely having to pack up for a nice weekend at my parents' house, so you understand. I have to put clothes and snacks into the car. These are trying times. Let's discuss vegetables.

Jicama: seems like I should have had it before? But I've definitely never prepared it before. I made it in salad form with Yucatan pork tenderloin. It tasted...crunchy. Like flavorless carrots. Or I have actually lost my ability to taste things.

Maybe lacking a sense of taste means I will lose weight? Haha, no, I'll just eat twice as much.
Fennel: again it seems like I've probably encountered  it before, but I don't recall ever cooking with it.

Our muppety-est vegetable.
Anna was intrigued.
Or was just realizing with concern that her infant sister was again Bumbo'd on an ELEVATED SURFACE ACROSS THE ROOM. See? If I were in less of a hurry I would probably remove this proof of parental incompetence.
I mixed the fennel with chickpeas and olives and couscous and...couldn't taste it. Okay, yeah, this might actually be a problem.

I can still taste olives, so let's hold off on full panic.
Swiss chard: I have cooked this many times, and yet every time I say it out loud I worry that I'm pronouncing in incorrectly. Okay, this website tells me I was ALMOST right, just not quite British enough. I'm wondering if that's the case with a lot of words.

Oh, the food--it's pasta and chicken sausage. Just take a minute and let the inspiration wash over you.
Not sure if Anna was trying to swaddle this duck or truss it up for dinner.

I'm very proud either way.
Ugh. Ugh to everything. Let's at least go into the weekend on a good note, with some baby side-eye.

Hello, weekend! I greet you with mild suspicion!