Lately I've been feeling more or less the way Anna looks.

Less sporty, maybe.
Seriously, as an illustration of the depths to which I cannot be bothered to do anything, here is the only picture of food I have taken since last week,

Welcome to my food blog.
For someone who isn't much of an eater, Anna sure goes after a hamburger like it's a oxygen mask and the plane is going down.

Remember: if hamburgers deploy, eat your own hamburger first before helping those around you eat theirs.
Ivy's stomach has been a little unsettled, so she just opted for some ginger ale.

I did pull it together enough to do an ACTUAL project from Pinterest yesterday, and it was a surprising success. Actually, it was more of an astounding success, as it kept Anna happily in a chair for two hours and only required three changes of clothing.

This is as close as I have ever gotten to capturing an expression of wonder.