This is actually a high holiday in Year of the Pun

For some reason, everything I made this week was sort of bland, whereas last week it was all a little too salty. What is happening? I think my "pinches" of salt are pretty consistent. Maybe some recipes just suck up the salt more enthusiastically. Also, maybe I should not consult Martha Stewart for advice on stuffing peppers.

No offense MS, we just need about 400% more seasoning in these parts.
I nabbed this Southwestern quinoa salad recipe on one of my Pinterest quinoa sprees from someone who, upon further investigation, is from...Utah. So. I guess the next time I plan this sort of menu I'll just hit up my girl Lisa like a smart person.

Sorry, I'm just really weird about flavor. And wanting it to exist.
I just realized that school is out in about two weeks and started freaking out a little bit about keeping the older monkey entertained, but I don't know what I was worried about--she's great at occupying herself!

Should be fine.
Ivy Elisabeth! You are six months old today!

And you are blonde for some reason!

And your big sister wants to give you huuuuuuugs!

Just kidding, she really doesn't want that at all.

Anyway, happy half...okay, well, I think we've lost her.