It would help if my husband would stop reminding me that summer doesn't start for three weeks

Okay, here we are, June 1st and I have not yet turned on summer. I'm drinking my coffee iced today! I've worked out for one day in a row! There's a watermelon in my refrigerator! I may, however, cancel my Bon Appetit subscription by the time this thing is through.

I had a random bunch of radishes in my fridge that Anna had requested at the store based solely on color and I wasn't sure what to do with them, so I thought I'd kick things off with a cucumber and radish salad. NOT A GOOD IDEA. I'm including a link to the recipe, but I'll save you some time: take a bite of cucumber, a bite of radish, drink a pint of white vinegar boom done. It was very, very hard to eat, but at least the recipe made an unbelievably enormous amount. Anyway, I served it with leftover potatoes and some badly cooked cod and my embrace of summer loosened ever so slightly.

Put it this way, I would have strongly preferred to just have the raw onion as a side.
I have never wanted to switch plates with Anna so badly.

July's The rest of my life's theme: eggs and avocados.
Things did improve with the next recipe, roast chicken with pistachio salsa, peppers, and corn. Juicy chicken, salty pistachios, good stuff. But the pepper and corn dish tasted flat to me. The peppers were too bitter, the corn wasn't sweet enough, the capers were...odd. It did look lovely on the plate, though.

And I would eat a quart of it before going back to the pickled salad of disappointment.
So...one recipe I would make again out of three. Not an auspicious start, BA! Of course, it was still May when I made those, so things were probably just a little shaky. Bad warm-up, good game, right? TEAM SUMMER, WE GOT THIS.

I guess the most exciting thing that happened this week was finally getting to fill out the Baby's First Trip to the Pediatric Opthamologist page in Anna's baby book. I won't go into detail, because before writing these posts I often ask myself what I, as a reader, would be interested in, and the answer has never once been "weird eyeball cysts." She's fine, though. I mean, I think--I'm not really looking directly at her much at the moment. Bright side, though: I got to see her with her hat off for about 15 minutes while she was being examined. She's so pretty under there!

Weird eyeball cyst aside.