At least this museum has a very high tolerance for screeching

There are very few things in the world that I like better than sandwiches. If I didn't think Dan would notice, I would probably just have a dinner menu of alternating sandwiches and poached egg dishes, with a poached egg sandwich for breakfast. I think it may be an offshoot of my Anglophilia, because those people love sandwiches, seriously. And they put corn on them, like a normal topping. Amazing.

Anyway, I do indulge myself once in a while, as with these Warm Fig, Mozzarella, and Prosciutto Sandwiches from Serious Eats.

Feels weird to even be typing this, but I thought there was too much bread in the equation. Next time I'll look for a thinner ciabatta loaf. Still delicious, though, and somewhat autumnal, in keeping with my campaign to ignore the fact that it's hot outside.

Ever wake up on a Monday morning and think, "It's a beautiful day, I should go waste $8"? Must be Children's Museum day! Admittedly, it was less of a waste than the last couple of times, in that she spent some time doing things that could be construed as "playing" and "exploring," as opposed to just crawling around looking miserable. Still, the majority of her time was spent trying to wrest things away from other children so that she could put them in her mouth. (Current record: one and a half golf balls.)

Dan commented on how empty the place looked, so I had to explain that they announced story time and everybody cleared out, but I know better than that. So she kind of had the run of the place for a few minutes.

She climbed up to this platform several times, but I think it was mostly to get in the way of other kids.

It was nice to see the big flappy red flag without the typical big flappy red flag crowds.

If anyone is looking for Christmas gift ideas, she sure liked this thing.

Anna plots her next move.

I figure it's never too early to experience the exquisitely uncanny feeling of an empty museum display.

She hightailed it pretty quick. Lesson that museums are creepy: learned.
Anyway, I spent most of the morning saying "Anna! Anna, look! Look!" but she's not really into "being instructed," so I probably ruined a lot of interesting things for her.

Last night we had Bobby Flay's Chinese Chicken Salad. I cut down the oil quite a bit and used poached chicken breast instead of rotisserie chicken, but it was still really good, so obviously I didn't healthy it up too much.

It's odd to be looking forward to leftover salad for lunch, but there you have it.

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