Maybe the turkey costume will go over better next month

This has been quite the festive and food-filled weekend so far, so let's just get right to it, yes? Friday night we had our Halloween party in order to make best use of our various, clashing-style seasonal decorations. I tried to contain my inner theme-nerd a little, but it is a powerful urge.

Amy Sedaris' Li'l Smoky Cheeseball, pumpkinized.

"Devil" eggs. Or "kitty cats with some facial stubble" eggs, depends on your angle. Both scary!

Frito pie station, but that wasn't for the party, it's just always on the counter there.

Peanut butter and fudge oatmeal cookies. Plus Halloween colored sprinkles! Sometimes even I'm amazed by my creativity.

Chicken bites: barbecue.
Chicken bites: Buffalo style.

Indonesian meatballs with peanut sauce. HEB's lack of ground pork forced us to use our KitchenAid meat grinder attachment for the first time ever. Exciting! Also slightly gruesome and Halloween-y, in a Sweeney Todd sort of way, which is why I mention it. 

Ghost and spider lollipops. Of course, my spiders actually have eight legs, not like those slackers whose idea I stole.

LOOK I MADE CHIPS THAT LOOK LIKE GHOSTS AND BATS AND CATS. Sorry, I was just really proud of those. I also made this guacamole with broccoli in it, I guess because I didn't want the kids having too much fun.


Pebbles did take a break in her hour and a half screaming fit in order to aaaaaaaalmost pose with adorable dinosaur Cash.
Not sure if she was crying because Mommy isn't very good at making costumes yet or because other people were partaking of her cherished Frito pie bar or just because of the party's limited access to piles of dirt, but she was certainly very miserable. I will probably put her back in her Pebbles outfit every day this week until I get a decent picture. Sorry, kid! Welcome to childhood holidays!

After all that fun, I decided to shift gears and go to book club, with grown up ladies. Look how grown up the food was!

Cheese was very well-represented, which is really all I ask of any party, anywhere.

And desserts!

All very good stuff ladies, nice show. Worth reading a book even.

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  1. Ah! You made the Amy Sedaris cheese ball - that is so awesome. I have her hostess book and I know how she praises the cheese ball. Shows you how much I cook that I never even considered making it. Way to do it.