Maybe I shouldn't drive for the next week and a half

It was bound to happen: my subconscious has finally started to buck against the restraints of Sober October. I'm basing this on the fact that last night I dreamt that I drank an entire bottle of Irish Cream. (I probably shouldn't have to clarify this, but it was not a good dream, in case you were wondering.) And today I had my very first parking lot fender-bender. Damn you, imaginary nocturnal liqueur.

Not much else happening around here. I did turn this absurdly large farmer's market zucchini:

That's my 8-inch chef's knife.
Into a pile of absurdly large grilled farmer's market zucchini. Ta da! I also threw a couple of Cajun salmon cakes on top.

I also captured this rare moment of all-encompassing joy on Anna's part as she munched a cracker and watched her favorite show.

It's the DVD player screensaver.

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  1. Despite its threatening size, the zucchini somehow manages to make the knife look *more* dangerous.

    Also, that is a classic picture of our child that I will always cherish. Thank you for taking it! <3