No one can say she isn't reaching out

Here are some things that turn me into more of a mega-geek stress-robot than usual: travel, costumes/themes, and competition. Clearly, this weekend's upcoming race is a perfect storm of me becoming tragically buried alive in a pile of my own lists and maps. Seeing as how I am essentially paralyzed by anxiety right now, combined with the fact that we're about to be out of town and still have a ton of leftovers from last week, there has been no cooking for the past couple of days. Here is a picture of my lunch.

It's probably best that we all pretend I'm joking about this.
Anna is going the opposite direction, spending the week tweaking her lounging form.

I think we've found our future Olympic event!
She also continues to work out her communication issues with Hopper.

Straight-up verbal enticement is consistently unsuccessful.

I'm not sure about the maraca or the alien, but I really believe the keys were an attempt to help him get inside the house.

When all else failed, she constructed a prison-style phone line. As Hopper had long since fled, its effectiveness remains to be seen.

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