I don't care how much sweat is pouring off of you, IT'S AUTUMN

Day 10, Sober October is almost done! (Okay, yeah. I know. But I had to start telling myself that on October 2nd.) ALMOST DONE. My Sober October comrade Andy had some fried beer yesterday, but we decided that didn't count, and also is disgusting. Go team!

Uh, shoes. Seriously.

Like a mother hen.
Made some Mexican potato soup on Friday night. Until I put a huge dollop of crème fraiche in it, there was no fat at all, which is pretty impressive. A nice cozy autumn supper, as long as you don't care about the actual temperature outside. I just keep stubbornly making cool-weather foods and putting on long sleeves as though the word "October" is somehow meaningful in central Texas.

This will steel you against those 78 degree nights.
Yesterday we headed out to Marble Falls to check out Sweet Berry Farm. It was supposed to be a meetup with other people, but we were, um, two hours late. Anyway, Anna was super excited!

And what did we find there, amongst the hay bales and pumpkins and general fall-time emblems?

That's right, GOATS.

Anna surveys the farm with the studied boredom of all Hollywood starlets.

Sure most people go for the obvious "picture on a giant pile of pumpkins" but Anna was  inspired to create a multi-picture narrative of dirt-playing instead.

We still managed to humiliate her a little bit.

You should see how discerning she is in gourd selection.

"You guys know it's 90 degrees out here, right?"

A giant field of sprinklers? Yes, please. Right after this she ran to the mud, stuck a hand in, and shoved it in her mouth. My dainty little lady!

It's unfortunate how clingy and insecure she is.
After we had our fill of farm excitement we grabbed some lunch in town at the Bluebonnet Cafe. There was also pie, but it didn't survive long enough to leave any photographic evidence of its existence.


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