A triumph of doctor-going

15 month check up: survived. And actually not too bad! Instead of a scary packet, the nurse just asked a few questions that we barely even had to lie about. It was a relief, obviously, to not be bombarded with "Can your child identify a rhombus while facing eastward?" and "Can you child successfully complete three hand techniques in the Fujian White Crane Style?" In a way, it was also a relief to hear the pediatrician euphemistically comment on her "very strong personality." More than once. Do you hear that, Sweetie? This professional who works with children every day thinks that as far as toddlers go, you are sort of difficult.

Obviously taking after her father in these matters, Anna decided yesterday that my use of fake cobwebs around the house was excessive, and took it upon herself to relieve the furniture of some of them.

"It's okay Mom, I fixed it."

"Though the next 17 years' worth of holidays concern me."
This morning I noticed a few overripe bananas in the bowl, so I had no choice but to make banana bread. When the idea occurred to me I really thought I was in a baking mood, but as the actual act of baking got underway, it became increasingly apparent that I was wrong about that.

I didn't have any walnuts or pecans, so I used slivered almonds...and chocolate chips. I didn't feel like opening a new bag of AP flour, so I substituted half rice flour. By the time I was eyeballing the baking powder instead of measuring it out, I was pretty sure this thing was in trouble. By the time I attempted to mix every single ingredient together at once, I was entirely sure.

But somehow, it still came out very much resembling banana bread!

It's a Week of Columbus Day miracle!

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