I'm also leaving all of the actual cobwebs in place

Day 5 of Sober October! How many days in this month, again? Like 12, right? Awesome. Oh, and just so it's clear, it ceases to be Sober October as soon as our plane lands in New Orleans on the 29th. It may cease to be October altogether. I may cease to be Erica, if things go really well.

Another variation on Eggs in Purgatory last night, via Serious Eats:

I really believe that eggs for dinner can save almost any day.
 I don't know why I made my croutons super monster sized. Sometimes I just want an enormous hunk of toasted bread. As opposed to poached eggs in tomato sauce, which I want all the time.

The fascination with shoes continues apace.

She was pretty pissed when Dan wore her new toys to work this morning.
She has also developed an interest in hats.

Which is good, because they can shield her sensitive vampire skin.
In other news, Dan and I are gunning for the Most Subtle Halloween Decoration award.

So subtle that I have now posted a picture of it in two different places for fear that no one will notice it otherwise. Tune in for the upcoming MySpace and Friendster updates.

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  1. You wanna borrow that Ghost Hunter book back? Or too obvy?