From the side it's very flattering

On Sunday we teamed up with Garrett and Emily and took the tots to NXNW for brunch. They were totally down with it.

When you see your progeny starting to share your most passionate interests, like eating stuff mid-morning on weekends, it makes all the sleepless nights worth it.
I believe the children are our future of eating stuff mid-morning on weekends.
See, people giving us the stink-eye at the next table? They weren't there to throw fits, they were there for some serious chow. No worries.

Sunday evening we headed to Wimberley so that Anna could have some good cousin-bonding time with Levi. Luckily, she was so excited about the chance to soak herself from head to toe, she didn't seem to notice the piles of dirt everywhere.

After she dried off, we put her in her completely adorable new Mexican dress that makes her look like an old lady from behind, and Levi showed her how to work the DVD player.

She's asking him to please put on the screensaver.
After that, it was time to just chill.

From the front it makes her look like Al Bundy. And now I'm going to spend 20 minutes reading the trivia for "Married with Children" on IMDB. Just a little behind-the-scenes peek at my blog-writing process for the superfans.

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  1. Was the longest running show to never win an Emmy until "Baywatch" (1989) was cancelled in 2001.

    (For the lazy)