I'm sure the Santa's lap pictures will go well

Okay, here we go, round two of Attempt to Photograph Anna in the Proximity of Pumpkins! Everyone's favorite game. My favorite game for sure.

She did show some interest when she realized she could hoard them.

Not as much interest as she showed in putting dirt on things. While grunting.

I swear it took exactly three minutes for her to achieve her signature "urchin chic" look.

We decided against "attractive" pumpkins.
It's kind of amazing that she could still be a swirling tornado of destruction in an environment so decidedly kid-friendly, but I didn't really see anyone else trying to chew the stems off of pumpkins or build a mulch castle on the slide. I do kind of appreciate her aesthetic taste in gourds, though.

Dinner! Grilled Chicken and Plantains, Jamaican Style from my Bon Appetit archive, served on brown rice with a cabbage salad on the side. Dan said it was "pretty good" in a weirdly insincere tone of voice, but I think maybe he was just tired. I really liked it! The chicken had a really good texture for being cooked on the grill pan, and I liked the combination of flavors.

Pretty freakin' good, I say.

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  1. My Anna chews the pumpkin stems too. And gourd stems. Kids these days.