Soup and books

Hey, the high this week is only 87! Let's all have some soup.

This one, from my Healthy Cooking for Two cookbook, is somewhat awkwardly called Orange Scented Acorn Squash Bisque, but the taste was nice. I would call it a very pleasant soup.

Pleasant soups don't always photograph well.
Anna had a little of this, little of that.

On Saturday we took Anna to the Texas Book Festival. She played it cool, as usual.

She did get pretty excited about her purple balloon.

Dan soon put it out of its misery with his pocketknife. I was going to say "quietly put it out of its misery," but that would have been inaccurate. Sorry, dozens of startled people!
She also enjoyed having new and challenging scenarios in which to practice her escape attempts.

Anyway, we made it out of there with one book purchase this year, which is about 1/15th my usual haul. It's almost as though I was too distracted and exhausted by something to browse properly.

We sought refreshment afterward at Lift Cafe, where I once again ordered something wrapped in a tortilla because it is the only way I know to eat food at restaurants.

I barely recognize it as food if it isn't encased in bread of some type.
Anna played a fun game that involved dashing toward the stairs every eight seconds.

Also, scaling some things.

You know, typical laid-back smoothie and wraps cafe type stuff.

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  1. I miss the book festival. I wish I was able to go this year. Maybe next year.