Crackers are a utensil too, right?

First, a couple of notes about Sober October. 1) It's almost over! 2) I got out of Central Market for less than $100 the other day, and I'm pretty sure SO is to thank for that. 3) It's inspiring people all over the country! I'm basically like Biggest Loser but less self-congratulatory. I mean, until now. Don't be intimidated if you're not in the Cool People Named Erica Who Blog About Their Daughters Who Are Named Anna Club. People of all names and levels of daughter-having or not-having can get involved.

Anyway. This is the only item from yesterday's shopping trip that Anna had any interest in. No idea where she gets that.

By the way, if any producers of beef jerky are reading this: no need to make those bags resealable on my account. Thanks.
Last night we had black bean and cabbage slaw tacos. Not the most glamorous, but they were comprised entirely of stuff I already had in the pantry/fridge, so there's always a little bit of satisfaction there.

Oh, hey there 15 month check-up packet of terrifying milestone questions that we have to deal with tomorrow morning! Go ahead and ask me if she's using utensils to feed herself yet! Go ahead.

And I will write "sort of."


  1. It's so true - booze makes shopping trips much more expensive.
    I can imagine how intimidating our cool club must look to people. Don't hate us 'cause you ain't us.

  2. Of course, crackers are utensils. So, by the way, are fingers. And toes too, probably, though I wouldn't go there with the pediatrician.