It's for the good of the household

Putting a sandwich together for dinner probably doesn't seem very impressive, but bear with me: this is a muffaletta. Made with olive salad that I canned all by myself back in March, when I made it for my Mardi Gras-themed Bunko.

See? I was impressive once, ten months ago.
I also roasted some Brussels sprouts to go with yet another dip into the freezer-pot-roast pool.

I'm enjoying this system where I eat leftover pot roast every few days.
So, I'm not going to lie, you guys. It has not been a good week around here. Anna has embarked on an ambitious study of the bounds of human endurance re: ridiculous tantrums. The length and volume and epic scope of these tantrums have basically left me a hollow shell of my former vivacious self, forever alternating between the verge of tears and a sort of shriek-induced fugue state. She has caused me to use the term "harrowing" without exaggeration.

And then, this morning, she BROKE THE WAFFLE IRON.

So you'll understand why we've asked her to pack her things and go.