Plague house, cont.

Every time I attempt to make a wrap it ends up being more of a difficult-to-eat taco instead, so with these spicy lentil wraps I skipped the "failure of execution" step and went straight to taco. On purpose.

Just as difficult to eat, but easier on my self-esteem.
I can make a fine-looking pizza when I put my mind to it, though.

Fortunately my mind is almost always set to "pizza."
We've been treating Anna's pinkeye with some queso therapy.

UGH GROSS sorry everyone. This is why I show the food first.
Here, let's cover that thing up.

90s B-boy style if possible.
Anyway, as of this morning, it looks like she's feeling better.

Back to herself!
But now I'm a little concerned that Ivy isn't getting enough to eat.

At what age are you supposed to introduce duck? I feel like she's ready.