I hope "has mastered bemusement" is on the 6-month questionnaire

There must be something in the air, because I have been cooking up a storm this week for some reason. A storm, I tell you! And as you know, every good food storm kicks off with a casserole. One comprised mostly of cheese and spaghetti is ideal.

A big cheesy casserole is the distant, approaching thunder of food storms.
That wasn't quiiiiiiiite enough cheese to really get the week going right though, so the next night we had bowls of sour cream and cheddar.

I put a little bit of quinoa chili under there, just for color.
Finally satisfied that my dairy quota had been filled, I went a little lighter with this grilled chicken bruschetta.

What cubes of mozzarella? I don't even see what you're pointing at.
But it was only when I found myself standing at the stove at 6:30 am, stirring a pan full of kale, that I knew the storm had veered into dangerous territory. Time to board up your windows! And here's the really disturbing thing--these kale and goat cheese frittata cups? Are pretty good.

I ate kale for breakfast and I LIKED IT. It has broken me, truly. Or we have just reached an understanding wherein I smother it with cheese.
Anna is ready for baseball season, no joke.

Fortunately, I was able to focus some of that batting energy into chicken-smashing.

I knew she would be helpful in the kitchen if I could find a dangerous enough task.
Hey, everyone look at the camera!

Okay, fine, let's try just Ivy. Can you give me..."Hollywood ingenue?" Pre-dream-crushing.

Good, now switch it up, I want to see "elder statesman."

Very nice. "Wise-cracking sidekick," go!

Good session.