I actually think eye-rolling is more advanced than rolling over

Okay, Culinary Heritage Week continues with green chile casserole, which is in very good company as a delicious thing that photographs horribly. This version is close to my family's, although we use tortilla chips instead of plain tortillas, because things are generally better fried. My personal take on it was less "casserole" and more "oven-baked nachos," which I consider an improvement. I also replaced the cream of chicken soup with an outrageously over-peppered b├ęchamel sauce and it was GREAT.

Tortilla chips + cheese + some stuff in the middle I guess = yum.
Next up: Chinese BBQ pork with fried rice. I couldn't find the original Sunset Magazine Cookbook recipe for the pork online, and I am too lazy to type it out. Look up Chinese BBQ pork! I'm sure you can find something good! Just marinate pork tenderloin with some honey and ginger and garlic and cinnamon and soy sauce THERE LOOK I basically typed it out after all.

Anyway, my childhood version didn't include asparagus, so I was a luckier child than Anna and Ivy.
Last and best: grilled cheese and tomato soup. I actually grilled pimento cheese, due to an insane surplus from the Chihuahuas, and I definitely recommend this strategy if you find yourself in a similar position.

It's all orange and warm and gooooooood.
Anna immediately announced that she "so love(s) tomato soup."

This realization seemed to confuse her somewhat.
Though now that I think about it, her uncertainty might have more to do with her recent crisis of personal style.

There is much effort, but little joy.

Ivy is, for the moment, biting her tongue.