I think he also made up something about horseshoes and hand grenades

Hey, I haven't done a theme week in a long time, right? I'm asking because I don't have the motivation to actually do any research on the subject. Let's all just agree that is has been some long yet unspecified amount of time since we had a theme week around here and proceed. Good!

This week's theme is: Erica's Culinary Heritage, or Dinners I Remember From Childhood. (I feel like that 18th Century Novels class I took in college is really paying off in the form of my being awesome at naming things.) First up was very obvious to me, as it is a dish I have only ever eaten or heard mention of at my parents' house, and that is Chihuahuas (or We Know It Sounds Disgusting But It's Good, Try It).

In the dark days before the Internet was around to correct me on such matters, I assumed that Chihuahuas were something my father had invented, along with at least one Groucho Marx joke, a dance known as The Freddie, and the lyrics to Johnny Horton's "Battle of New Orleans." Turns out I was giving him far too much blame credit! The Chihuahua Sandwich was in fact created at the Sky-Vue Drive In at Lamesa, TX, just as he has specifically claimed for a long time! (I had until now assumed that Lamesa, TX was also a figment of his imagination.) We do a slight variation, serving it open faced and using browned ground beef mixed with Rotel instead of chili, and in this instance I busted out some homemade pimento cheese. I went with the highest cheese (good) to mayonnaise (evil) ratio I could find. And here they are!

I know it sounds disgusting, but it's good, try it.
Hey, do you guys remember when I was going to try to lose some weight? Haha. For the record, any proclamations along those lines have an implied "for the next 8 hours" tacked on to the end.

So Anna and I went to next-door-neighbor Parker's 4th birthday party this weekend. Happy birthday, guy! It was at a cool little-kid-oriented carnival sort of place. Look, they have a proper carousel!

And PONIES! What 2-year-old can resist PONIES?

Oh, right.

Anna did find plenty of activities she enjoyed, though, like changing positions on her bench:

Sitting on a different bench:

Not stepping in mud:

And perennial favorite, playing with rocks:

She did manage to get into the party spirit by the end.

Why so serious, y'all?