Plague house 4: Weekend escape

I recommend that everyone make these smoked salmon Eggs Benedict for the following reasons: someone else smokes the salmon, the sauce is basically just melted butter, spinach means it's healthy, it sounds fancy but takes about five minutes to put together.

Also, it is eggs.
I tried to get Anna to pose next to the rose bush in her Easter dress, but she felt like this litter box that we put out on the porch to clean about three months ago and then left there made a better prop. She was also uninterested in setting down the dog toy she stole from my in-laws at Christmas.

She has a modern, cutting-edge sense of scene.
Ivy handled the indignity of being ridiculously be-hatted with a quiet grace.

You can only barely see the consternation.

But it seems that the effort to keep her composure did awaken The Hunger.

Speaking of hunger, I learned this weekend that Anna likes quiche as long as you call it "egg pie."

That actually makes me like it more, too.
And we finally had our Game of Thrones premiere party! Sort of! We had to postpone due to plague, but last night the Loontjers brought over some spiced wine and their two small children and we had completely authentic** honeyed ham, white beans and bacon, and buttered carrots.

**It's possible that the medieval version of honeyed ham didn't have ketchup in the glaze.
We also had blackberries with sweet cream, which was fantastic, but could almost certainly be more easily achieved by just melting some vanilla ice cream.

It is also possible that medieval diners would not have eaten this out of martini glasses.
Anyway, attempting to watch the show while keeping two toddlers and two infants distracted was definitely a risk, but it was so good! Nothing happened after the opening credits, right?