Plague house, part the third

Seems like the best thing to follow an epically fat-laden hamburger is something nice and light. Enchiladas it is! Okay, so these chicken and white bean enchiladas are purportedly "skinny" as written, but I added some cheese and used chicken thighs and real sour cream, so that issue was pretty easily resolved.

I'm always either healthifying or dehealthifying things. My style is "regular amounts of health."
Speaking of health, Anna hasn't quite kicked her bug (though she was nice enough to implant some of it in my throat and left ear), so we've had to take our recovery efforts up a notch. Obviously, focusing on good nutrition is top priority.

I think I read somewhere that food dye kills germs? That sounds right.

And while I was optimistic about our queso therapy, I found it necessary to bump up to the next step and apply a chocolate donut balm.

Worth it, as always, to see the joy in her face.
Unbeknownst to me, Anna had already decided to take matters into her own hands, opting for a controversial alternative-medicine treatment involving dumping an entire bag of corn meal on herself.

Not the direction I would have gone, but I respect her open-mindedness.