She really wants one for each hand, and at some point I'm just going to cave

Hey! I My partner with the good sense of direction won got second place in a race scavenger hunt this weekend! My immediate post-race recovery was beer and onion rings (standard), but I felt like I could use a little more weighing down, so I whipped up some goulash with potatoes. This was originally intended to be part of Culinary Heritage Week, but my parents argued that midwestern goulash (what I grew up with) is too far removed from Hungarian goulash (what I actually made) to even count as a tribute.

Not a tribute.
Did I tell you guys that I joined a softball team? It's not hardcore or anything--the email I got from the league included specific instructions regarding acceptable containers for your beer during games--but it still requires that I wear shorts. Outside. Where sunshine and people are. So I started casting about for some appropriately trendy weight-loss strategy and noticed that the sugar detox is all the rage. This obviously appeals to me, since sugar is, as we have discussed several times, DEATH. Or at the very least, THIGHFAT. Anyway, long story short (too late), I had asparagus for breakfast.

Not sure why Dan didn't ask for any.
I see that the standard period of time for this sort of thing is 21 days, which means I can probably manage it for about 21 hours. This blackened salmon with tomato gravy was good, at least.

According to my research, less sugar equals way, way more bacon.
Aaaaand I just saw someone on television eat some candy, so we should be done with this pretty shortly.

The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed a certain piece of headwear on all recent pictures of Anna. I assume her refusal to remove it is due to her love of America, and also pastimes. Anyway, the fact that she was just randomly wearing a baseball cap everywhere was starting to look a little bit silly, so I decided to take action.

Much better.
Also, sleep training is still going well, thanks for asking!