In manner of Grace Kelly

We had a pretty good week around here, food-wise. I managed to make several things that didn't look at all like excrement!

Pizza quinoa casserole. Adding pizza sauce and cheese is a good way to improve quinoa any food in existence.
Pretty sure I've shown you this ratatouille several times already, but you're just going to have to suck it up because it's beautiful tomatoey goop and I love looking at it.

I have three pictures of it in my wallet.

Tilapia with strawberry-poblano relish. Putting strawberries on fish is weird. You should do it anyway.
Anna has been a very attentive big sister lately, trying to help Ivy learn the ins and outs of the bouncer. Ivy is so appreciative!

"Hey, man. I've got it. Back off."

Lucky for us, Anna took a break from her sisterly ministrations to give us a Fashion Corner update. Spring is here! Protect your 'do with breathable and stylish crochet.

If we ever get a convertible, Anna is going to be SO set.