Just pretend I made Texas-shaped pancakes this morning

I naively thought that if I carefully followed this Cook's Illustratrd recipe for an asparagus omelet and used my relatively new non-stick pan I could maybe, for once, not botch this pretty-egg thing.

May as well have used rubber cement instead of butter.
It still tasted good, probably due to my exceptional sous chefs.

Scrubbing the counter with a cut lemon is actually one of her better instincts to date.
Today we celebrated Texas Independence Day with a trip to the playground. We did all the usual fun playground stuff. Swinging:

Darkly contemplating:

Pole dan--
Anna has also been practicing her "Cheese" face for you guys. I think it's really improving! I also want to see what various white substances people assume that I'm feeding my child this time ("tartar sauce" and "sour cream" are taken). The fact that you guys think I would sit her down with a bowl of something like that just shows that you're really getting to know me.

Warms my heart.