Semi-annual yardwork installment

I was going to write, "It's still winter, time for more soup!" but realized that in a few months I'll be writing, "I don't care that it's summer, bring on the soup!" so I guess there's no need for this seasonal-cooking charade (see also: the following salad). Egyptian red lentil it is.

This was very good and also nicely mysterious, as Dan guessed two ingredients and both were wrong. This soup is a Top Chef challenge waiting to happen.
I made some Egyptian flat bread to go with the soup, and it was really terrible. I'm not sure where I went wrong, but I'm guessing it was somewhere around "maybe I should just use up this quinoa flour." Anyway, the texture was kind of gross. So was the aftertaste.

And regular taste.
I bounced back though, look at the pretty colooooooors:

Mexican black bean burgers with sweet potato fries.

Extremely unseasonal strawberry tofu chopped salad.
This weekend we informed Anna that if she wanted to keep going through pouches at her current rate, she was going to have to start working off some of the expense. She wasn't too thrilled with this new level of responsibility.

She does love those pouches, though.

Okay everyone, that's the end of your regularly scheduled blog post, nothing more to see here, just going to throw in an extra little tag for the sake of my grandmother.