Jockomo feeno ah na nay

Dan was on top of things this morning in his role as Official Breakfast Ambassador. Happy Fat Shrove Pancake Tuesday!

Mardi Gras colors on the pancake! We just steal the best bits from each tradition and run with it.
Oh, the calorie counting thing? Ahem. Right. I should explain that holidays are exempt, and Mardi Gras is definitely a holiday. So is Lundi Gras. Birthday parties are obviously another exception, especially when they offer giant glass containers of candy. Aaaaaand, just, weekends. I don't make the rules!

I did manage to sneak a little bit of nutrition in between my many dietary-shore-leaves. On Friday night I ate something called a "spinach chop."

This one was really, really healthy.
And last night, broccoli gribache. Both from Super Natural Every Day, and both quite brown and green, so.
This one is full of eggs.
Anna! You're at a super fun birthday party, what ever could be the matter?

Ooooooooh. Embarrassing.

Who Wore It Best: Toddler Edition would be a funny joke if it weren't a REAL THING, US MAGAZINE.
Ivy will just be rocking out over here if you need her.

See you in the Lenten Season, kids! Bring out your drabbest wardrobe and most penitent self-denial!