I can haz a better YouTube filter?

Time for another round of The Cookbook That Santa Regrets! This time we have some "cheeseburger" cupcakes which, you may note, are impossible to photograph without the presence of an eager child.


Less subtle.

Yep, there she is.

Compared to previous outings, these were easier and tasted more...intentional. Also, when cut into little rounds, brownies look disconcertingly like meat patties. ALSO ALSO, if you are inefficient enough, you end up with a therapeutic amount of brownie scraps.

Mother's little helper.

So overall this project was less infuriating than the first two, although its tie to "nerdiness" is so tenuous as to be near-infuriating, honestly.  I mean, I GET IT, cheezburgers: I can haz them. But...are we saying that cat memes are nerdy? Only the overly intellectual and obsessive among us are down with lolcats? Just owning a computer makes you a nerd? I hate this cookbook.

We took the girls to the spot where we got married so very long ago and I think they were really impressed.

At least the red carpet sparked some enthusiasm.