Surf and turf

It must be near the end of the month, because I've lost track of what recipe we're on.

Recipe #somethingteen, probably: Deep-Fried Spring Rolls. Claim: Are Awesome.

Tasty: yes.

Awesome: no, I did not feel awe. I did feel pleased with my egg roll-wrapping abilities, which is not so much "awe" as "aww yiss." Still good!

Child Approval Rating:

Recipe #somethingteenalso: Grilled Salmon and Salsa. Claim: Is Amazing.

Tasty: man, as far as I can tell you cannot combine avocados and lime juice and fail to come up with something tasty.

Amazing: I don't know, I'm stingy with my awestruck-ness but pretty easily amazed, so, sure.

Child Approval Rating: sooooooooo done with having to pose for photos mid-meal, for some reason?

Anyway, Ivy has been kind of grumpy and bored lately so we got her a pet.

SPEAKING OF EXCELLENT ANIMALS: I need everyone to go listen to the Beef and Dairy Network Podcast. I know you're wondering if "The number one podcast for those involved or just interested in the production of beef animals and dairy herds" is really the right fit for you, but it is. Look, Episode 1 is 11 minutes long. The very worst that can happen is that you'll think "Erica, you have wasted 11 of my precious precious minutes" but if you're here reading this you were already in for me to waste at least three or four of them, so I would say you're pot-committed. The best that can happen is that you are eternally grateful to me for changing your life, or at least your Tuesday. Bonus: if you make it to Episode 6, you will know why my blog theme for May is "rich beef sausages."