Call me on my car phone with that je nais se quoi

Welcome back to Is It Tasty, my Sarah-inspired recipe series of indeterminate length, wherein we succumb to the ubiquitous Buzzfeed Food videos populating our Facebook feeds. It feels good to let go and give in, guys! Just go limp and let the hypnotic videos do their work.

Recipe #3: Pancake Cups. Claim: Are The Perfect Treat For Breakfast.
Recipe #4: Hash Brown Breakfast Cups. Claim: [Will Make You Want To] Clear The Breakfast Table Off Because [They Are] All You Need.

Tasty: very.

Cup-shaped: for sure.

Perfect Breakfast Table Clearing Etc.: disqualified, served at dinnertime.

Child Approval Rating: average of one thumb up each.

Recipe #5: Fried Chicken and Egg Rice Bowl. Claim: Is Totally Perfect On A Dinner Table. 

Tasty: .....I didn't really like it, but I can't put my finger on why. Too sweet? Didn't like the fried chicken getting sort of soggy? Normally I'm down with seaweed but not that day for some reason?

Chicken/Egg/Rice/Bowl: check.

Totally Perfect On a Dinner Table: I am worried about your obsessive drive for perfection, Buzzfeed. It's not healthy.

Child Approval Rating: Anna had some constructive criticism. Ivy did not.

Okay, that's all for today. Don't be down. Get out and do some fun outside activities.