It's hash browns, right? RIGHT?

Let's see if anything was tasty in this, the Tasty Challenge: I Guess I Was In The Mood For Potatoes Week.

Recipe #8: Crispy Potato Tacos. Claim: 'TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!" What's Inside Those Fried Tortillas: potatoes and sour cream.

I added some beans on the side to make sure we had enough carbohydrates.

Tasty: clearly.

Crispy/Potato/Taco: yes.

TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE: no, just the regular good of fried starchy things.

Child Approval Rating: could barely hold still long enough to express hearty enthusiasm.

Husband Approval Rating: had eaten several bites before asking "So is this fish?"

Recipe #9: Loaded BBQ Chicken Nachos. Claim: Are Everything You Need.


Everything You Need: look, I'm going to have to say yes on this one. I had a cavity filled that day and was half-numb/half-achey at dinnertime and still managed to eat about 12 servings of these.

Child Approval Rating: this was Girl Scout meeting/homework-due-the-next-day night and we were all just trying to survive, okay?

Recipe #10: Stuffed Hashed Brown Omelettes. Claim: Your Kitchen Will thank You For Making These.

Wait, "hashed" browns?

Tasty: yes.

Stuffed, Hashed: seems like.

Did My Kitchen Thank Me: what on earth does this even mean, Buzzfeed?

Child Approval Rating: mixed.

I hope you all are taking our lead and embracing spring by either mastering or artificially dying some nature!