Grocery roulette

Thing I learned this week: you can pile chicken, leeks, and olives on top of spaghetti and somehow it transforms into a proper dinner. I'm starting to think I never actually need to follow any recipes, I can just rotate (random group of foods) + pasta, rice, sandwich bread, or pizza dough. Especially pizza dough. I can hear my cookbooks starting to grumble sadly about abandonment, though, and soon enough there will be stirrings of revolution and they'll recruit other seldom-used appliances (cookie press, waffle iron) and then my entire kitchen will be in upheaval. So I guess I won't go that route.

Also, what if this had been gross? It totally could have been gross.

Except for...here. This is basically a (+ sandwich bread) application. The combination is less random, though, I actually gave it 30 seconds of consideration. Bison burgers with onions, spinach, blue cheese, and sautéed squash on the side.

I will return to you soon, recipes. Please don't foment anything.

And now, Anna's Fashion Corner: Accessories Edition.

Because you're never fully dressed without a stern gaze, and also some pipe cleaners.

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