I also want to make fun of the movie, but I can't because I like it

I don't generally do much frying around here, unless it is suggested to me as a stunt, but over the weekend we had a little fish fry. This was due entirely to the fact that this week's Local Box included green tomatoes, and I have no idea what one does with green tomatoes other than fry them, so after almost zero minutes of research on the subject, that's what I decided to do.

I now see that my only other option was to make a relish. Lack of previous effort vindicated!
Since they never look like much, I wish that I could take a picture of what the red beans and rice smell like.
You'd all say, "Erica, that weird smelly picture you posted was so great."
Anna has been dedicating a lot of her time to her favorite hobby/compulsion of lining things up in a row.



Uh...massage train?
With all this OCD-ness I sometimes worry that she and I don't have very much in common, but then she double-fists a quesadilla and I know she's mine.

It makes my heart all warm and gooey! (My heart is made of cheese.)

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