I continue to be thankful for my independence from pants that button

Hey, you know who loves America? The Original Pancake House. I know we've long suspected this, but I finally have definitive proof!

Called it.
Anna loves America too, obviously. She also loves Cheetos.

I actually can't think of anything more American than loving Cheetos.
This morning she was so overcome with feelings of patriotism that she dove right into the pool with all her clothes on. Because that is how true Americans party, and she is precocious regarding these matters.

She's probably out cow-tipping right now.

We ate American food today. I mean, the hot dog and potato salad are pretty German I guess, and that back corner is straight up Italian, but you know what I'm saying.

A terrorist would definitely never eat this.
I lazily en-holidayed a Lemon Layer Cake.

A terrorist...might eat this. It's pretty good.

Anna, again displaying an amazing grasp of our fine national culture, chose to eat her hot dog on the move.

She and Sheep have, like, four parties to get to today.
She did have a little trouble getting into the playhouse with Joseph and Cash.

"Hey, guys! What's up?"

"Hey, hi! Hi guys!"
 Unfortunately, it did devolve into stick-wielding threats.

Kind of resourceful.

Seems like it worked out, though.


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