Happy birthday, everyone else who lives here!

Well, it's birthday week here at Casa Huff, and you know what that means...

A visit to the Twisty Wire-and-Wood Toy of Good Health.

Aaaaaand pancakes!
The good health is holding up, 70th percentile for height and 30th for weight. I mean, I'm making the pancakes. I'm doing all I can. I guess we don't care how big her head is any more? That was always my favorite part.

The pancakes actually served as Dan's birthday cake, since I'm not making two birthday cakes in one week. I guess I'll make him a cake again in 17 years, unless Anna is home from college or the mines or whatever concert tour she is following around the country. Or when she becomes a militantly anti-sugar vegan at age 7. See, honey? There's hope!

Birthday week seems like a good time to eat things out of bowls. Most weeks do. First: sausage, spinach, and purple hull peas over brown rice.

As far as I can tell, purple hull peas are exactly like black eyed peas except that they're called "purple hull peas."
Second: ratatouille! Yay! My mushy-gushy summertime favorite.

This batch wasn't beset by medical drama. Note that it has a less tragic nature than last year's.
It looks like Anna has decided to spend her special day in the traditional manner:  festively wringing the life out of any balloons in the house.

As she is now a Big Girl and not a baby, her destructive wrath is marked by an increase in fine motor skills.


  1. No head measurement? Dang.
    Well Happy Birthday to the big girl!!

  2. I wasn't going to say anything at first, but I just wanted to point out to you (and the CPS worker I called) that your daughter is either wearing the same blue dress or almost nothing in the set of pictures that you have posted that presumably have taken place over the last few weeks. Do you even wash the dress before you drag her out of the cage and make her put it on again, monster?

  3. Also, happy Birthday to Anna, I hope she thrives in foster care.

  4. Happy Birthday!! Are you the one who fixed all these dishes? Also, do you have plans to continue your profession as a lawyer? Why did you even stop in the first place?