In two days it will be September and everything will be okay

No cooking this week, I'm attempting to clear out old leftovers from the freezer so I can restock for the arrival of Number Two. I could take pictures of my reheating efforts, but it's probably more exciting for you to click through the backlogs and guess at which meals are making an encore appearance. Post your theories in the comments! I know it's a hot topic, try to keep it civil!

This weekend we ventured out to Wimberly for cousin Levi's third birthday party.

Party face.
When she had all the fun she could stand indoors, Anna went outside to stare down the bubble machine.

This was seriously a prolonged stand-off. I think we called it a draw when both humans and machines alike finally collapsed due to the 110 degree heat.
The expression on my face was much cheerier, due to the presence of enchiladas.

Anyway, happy birthday again, big guy! You can use all your cool new fire fighter equipment to deal with any spontaneous-combustion grass fires that pop up, since the earth is just setting itself on fire now apparently.

On the homefront, Anna seems to be displaying some increased maturity in a few key areas. First, she has decided that reasonless tantrums require privacy.

A positive step.
It's also nice that she's finally old enough for me to hand her something to eat and know that she'll deal with it appropriately.

See? Not smeared into the furniture! My proper little lady.

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  1. Luna likes to each cheese and ham off of her feet, but cheese in the hair, that's just gross.