We'll probably start wearing clothes again in October or so

I've managed to stick with cool and refreshing dinners all this week, although I'm finding it difficult to make "cold dinner" that doesn't look exactly like "lunch." These chicken salad sandwiches, for example, are straight-up brown bag. This doesn't really bother me, since I would gladly eat lunch three times a day (with the understanding that lunch sometimes involves a poached egg). But it doesn't make for very exciting pictures.

I did turn on the stove to fry the potato chips, so THUS FAR heat/laziness has not yet resulted in me serving a pile of raw potato slices. Updates to follow.
Every summer I make gazpacho and every summer I realize that it is like eating salsa for dinner.

I'm not saying it's a bad thing.
I had another cold recipe lined up for last night, but then I got too busy sitting on the couch and ended up having a chicken salad sandwich instead. Maybe the weekend will bring a time when cold noodles sound like a good idea.

Anna and I didn't have anywhere to go yesterday, so we 1) eschewed getting dressed and 2) decided it was time to potty train Monkey and Elmo.

Probably about time, the way Elmo eats.

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  1. I'm glad my child isn't the only one who is going au natural this summer. She calls it "wearing her tummy." One minute she's dressed and then I come back and there's a pile of clothes on the floor. Hopefully they will get all of this exhibitionism out of their systems now. :)