Some of it was fruit flavored

National Farmer's Market Week really seems like the sort of thing that I should both remember and fully invest in every year, doesn't it? What with my CSA issues and my theme addiction and all. But didn't I totally blow it last year? Let me check. Yeah, see, that was pitiful. Well, don't worry, this past weekend we ventured out to celebrate a bounty of local cuisine.

I'm sorry, farmers. Again.
It's okay! What the Ice Cream Festival lacked in nutritive value, it completely made up for in scintillating and educational activities.

I think tub-of-water-and-popsicle-sticks is a traditional Montessori exercise.
We capped that off with some furniture-assembly, under the exasperated gaze of our forewoman.

Best weekend ever!
Bolstered by our streak-ending 97 degree high the other day, I've now completely regained the energy to attempt staying cool, or at least not so hot that Number Two will be seriously brain damaged, as evidenced by this lovely Greek salad.

I halved the oil and doubled the cheese. Oh, the many secrets of Erica's kitchen!

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