Happy Valentines Day, I think we need some time apart

Hi there. My belated valentine to you is not showing you a picture of the cutesy heart-shaped breakfast I made yesterday morning. Only the cutesy heart-shaped dinner.

Root vegetable latkes. I knew beets would come in handy eventually.

"Aphrodisiac" salad. If avocados are involved, I'm in.
I kept it pretty light and simple over the weekend. Figured we hadn't had soup in a while. Or a huge chunk of cheese.

Tandoori carrot, lentil, and apple soup. This made a very nice transitioning-to-better-weather lunch.

Eggs on mustard-creamed spinach with crispy crumbs. Personally, if I'm eating eggs and croutons for dinner, I don't even notice whether there are greens mixed in.
We also tried to take advantage of that better weather by spending some time in the back yard. Anna and Hopper, usually consummate gardeners, were surprisingly skeptical.

It was all very tense.
Anna continued her pursuit of water from any non-sippy-cup sources.

The water wasn't even turned on.
We also took Anna to the park, where she repeatedly attempted to dive in after the ducks.

That, or she was trying to get a drink.
Finally, a site update: my classification is temporarily changing to "Semi-Employed Lawyer Mom." It's sort of like Sandra Lee, but instead of tablescapes and culinary half-assism, it's just a lot of files and parental half-assism. Anyway, for a couple of months there will be fewer adventures, ambitious meals, and updates, but I FULLY INTEND to reestablish my unemployed wastrelhood by May at the latest.

Also, in case anyone was curious, spellcheck has no objection to the term "half-assism." In the interest of accuracy, I'm going to try to work it into my résumé. Under "hobbies."


  1. It's the six-week gig I started three years ago. They just don't know how to quit me.

  2. Thats still going on!?! Are you the only one they are bringing back or has the other guy been working the whole time?