Aren't you glad I don't have surgery very often?

Tight pants, time to hit the low-fat vegan cookbook: Appetite for Reduction. I looked and looked, but there is absolutely no bacon in there anywhere. I actually got it because I figure if anyone knows how to use up a giant box of vegetables, it's a vegan, right? Look what the CSA membership is driving me to! First recipe: braised cabbage with seitan, which I served over roasted yams. Oh, and also? I MADE that freakin' seitan. Out-hippie that.

Added bonus: nice and mushy for my still-compromised jaws.
It tasted good, probably because it was about 50% garlic and soy sauce. Works for me.

Next up: Ethiopian millet, greens, and mushrooms. Yeah, mushrooms, again. They weren't even in the box, I put them in a bag at at the grocery store and bought them on purpose! I have no idea what's happening to me, you guys.

You may have noticed that, like all smart and lazy people, I tend to favor one-pot meals. Any time I attempt three different dishes that all require more than one pot/pan I'm basically going to be angry at the meal before I even eat it. I would say that was definitely a factor here. Also, there were about 20 spices involved and they just came across as "generically spicy," not "complex and exotic" like I was hoping.

Also, the millet kept getting caught in the DISGUSTING HOLES in my mouth.
Anna is helping my efforts by reorganizing the kitchen for me.

"This tile is for limes."

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