Not to mention what a nice city Brussels is

We went to Mansfield this weekend, where we were were immediately confronted by my brother's homemade kolaches.

I can see you under that plastic wrap, kolaches.
I believe this was done out of brotherly concern that two vegan dinners in a row had rendered my pants too loose.

Not vegan.
There may have been parental concern on that front as well.

Check out their super fancy new waffle iron. It's full of super fancy make-the-day-before waffle batter.

Imagine how these probably taste and then add a lot more butter. I know, I'm jealous of my past self too.
Anna did an impressive job of avoiding being photographed amongst flowers. Staged-photo-shoot avoidance is emerging as a significant talent.

"I will climb this tree if I have to."
Back to Austin, back to plants. Let's give some love to America's Most Hated Vegetable, the Brussels sprout. It's no purple cauliflower, but it's pretty neat looking.

"Stop hating me so much, America. I am a stalk of tiny cabbages and I am cool."
I put Dan to work making potato and Brussels sprouts hash. He did an admirable job! More dinner duty for him in the future. I did add my signature element to the dish.

Can you spot it?


  1. I was missing your poached egg flair. I can't believe I didn't think of it yesterday when we had various odds and ends of food that we could have cooked for dinner but also EGGS. I was thinking - frittata? But I should have just whipped together random stuff and put a poached egg on it. Damn.

  2. For the record, I love me some Brussels sprouts. They're one of my favorite vegetables.