She's pretty hardcore about her sports

In celebration of National Football Day yesterday, I decided to make some for-real queso. It was a good decision. Look at this beautiful pile of peppers!

"Serves four."

I improved this chip 600%.
We put the football jersey on Anna, but she improvised the helmet herself.

Poor Cash, innocently unaware of all the tackles that await him this evening.
In the meantime, we finished a puzzle, which is an extremely indoorsy activity.

Please stop judging my lifestyle choices, spellcheck.
With Daddy out of town all week, we're trying to keep our days pretty active. Today we went to the wood chip pile park.

When we needed a little extra excitement, we took Anna's hat off.

I believe this is being powered by leftover football adrenaline.


  1. Now I understand the basket on the head.

  2. Luna loves woods chips (bark), also. Gravel's a close-second.